Quick Update

Town Builder is still in development and will be coming to Kickstarter sometime in 2016. It’s been a long journey but the goal has always been to be 100% ready before launching the Kickstarter so as to not disappoint backers. There are a few illustrations left and the rulebook is in the process of being extensively tested. Most of the work now is getting the Kickstarter campaign logistics organized.

Half way illustration milestone

A few weeks ago we celebrated the halfway milestone for card illustrations. The illustrations looked fantastic on my monitor but when I printed them using cheap third party toner the results were awful. To solve this problem I bought a ColorMunki Design to calibrate my printer. After a crash course in colour management I was able to produce excellent results with more detail and colour.  The toner I’m using is incapable of producing certain colours or deep blacks but it’s fine for testing. Below is a picture of the first 30 cards shrunk down to fit on a letter sized page (cards will be poker sized) and some of the calibration tests in the background.



Fellipe created an illustration to celebrate the halfway mark as well. He’s been working really hard on the illustrations so we really hope you will like them.